Anonymous. Who And What Are They?


Anonymous is a group of hackers born out of the image boards of is an image board where people can post images that they may find interesting etc… Anonymously!

The specific board we are talking about in this case is, the /b/ board is simply a troll board, on /b/ anyone can just post anything and remarkably they can do it anonymously.

Groups of users from the /b/ board occasionally

would join together to preform pranks or raids. One of these was when many of them decided to join a French social networking game called “Habbo Hotel” with identical avatars. They blocked off the swimming pool area in the game and displayed a message to other users stating “closed due to FAIL and AIDS” This was simply done for fun”

There was no political statement here, in the words of Anonymous it was done simply for the LULZ.

Anonymous continued this kind of behaviour for quite a while but soon decided to fight for more political reasons, soon becoming known as ‘hacktivists’. With the first of these kinds of attacks being on the church of scientology, however keeping some of the light heartedness of before. In a video aimed mainly towards the church Anonymous stated

“For the good of your followers – For the good of mankind – for the laughs – we shall expel you from the internet.”

Anonymous also began to physically protest, such as on February 10th 2008 thousands of Anonymous members joined simultaneous protests at Church of Scientology facilities around the world.

Many of the protesters wore a variant of the Guy Fawkes masks made famous from movie V for Vendetta, this mask soon became one of the most recognisable symbols of Anonymous.

In November 2010 a website known as Wikileaks run by Julian Asange began releasing hundreds of classified US government documents onto the internet, after this Amazon removed Wikileaks from their servers and other services such as PayPal and Visa discontinued their service to Wikileaks. Anonymous then proceeded to launch “Operation Avenge Asange” in which the destroyed the servers of these services using Distributed Denial Of Service attacks or DDOS attacks, it was claimed by PayPal that Anonymous caused Millions worth of damage to their systems.

Then in 2011 Anonymous began to diversify to humanitarian operations, such as in Tunisia where a oppressive government was trying to crush a rebellion Anonymous stepped in and wrote script which allowed citizens to bypass the web monitoring by the government, however Anonymous didn’t stop there.  They also, by hijacking servers from a Tech company in London proceeded to take down the Tunisian government website and the website of the Tunisian prime minister, simply replacing it with a message from anonymous stating “Hello Government – Human rights and Justice are our dream and therefore is down :[ – It’s too late to Expect Us!”

Anonymous did much the same in Egypt and other countries such and Bahrain, and Libya.

Anonymous also widely supported many movements such as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, where they were responsible for recording and realising the horrific video of two police officers pepper spraying a row of college students who were sitting on the ground with their arms linked, engaged in peaceful protest.

They have also been responsible for removing many child pornography websites and brilliantly, releasing all the information on the sites users.

So are they the heroes of the internet or just a group of bored computer geeks? I have my opinion now it’s up to you to form yours.

Here is the video of the officer pepper spraying college students during a peaceful protest. Anonymous released personal information on the two officers in retaliation for this.

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Hacker Finds A Bug in Facebook’s Privacy Policy. Even After Reporting It They Ignored Him!

Last August a man known as Facebook & Zuckerberg hacked into Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook page and exposed a software bug, the bug he found allows users to post messages to anyone’s wall regardless of whether they are friends or not and even if the accounts are private.

When Khalil found the bug he tried to follow all the official channels of reporting it to Facebook, but they simply ignored him. So driven by this he hacked in again and posted a message from his own account onto Mark Zuckerberg’s wall of his supposedly Private account.

Facebook soon after fixed the bug and then posted an apology, but they still refused to pay the reward which they had claimed they would if someone was to expose any such bug, just as Khalil did.

So now a man known as Marc Manfred who is chief technology officer of cyber security firm Beyond Trust, is trying tirelessly to mobilise fellow hackers who are more affluent than Khalil to raise a $10’000 reward.

Maiffret who was a high school dropout and self-taught hacker, said on Tuesday the 13th of August, that he had raised $9’000 including his own $2’000 which he initially contributed.

Maiffret’s main reasoning for doing this is that Khalil is a Palestinian who is doing his research on a five year old laptop that looks to be half broken. Maiffret said that “This is something might help him out in a big way.”

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Facebook To Allow Embedded Posts On Other Websites And Blogs


In July of this year Facebook announced that it would begin rolling out “embedded posts” which is a tool allowing users to add their public Facebook posts to their other websites or blogs.

In a blog post by one of the development team, the company claimed that the “plug-in” posts would display exactly as they do on Facebook, with the ability to display videos, hash tags, pictures and other content.

With this new addition to Facebook’s social media arsenal users would be also able to interact with the posts just as they could on Facebook, liking or sharing directly from the webpage.

By doing this it is clear that Facebook is trying to reclaim some of its lost users from Twitter who has offered these kind of functions for many years now.

I don’t know if this is just what Facebook needs or is it too little too late? To be honest i hope it can boost Facebook back up to its glory days, where it was a true social media super power.

In today’s social media market any feature, however small it may be can be the deciding factor for many people as to which services they use.

And like always competition is a good thing. It gives more choices to people like us, the end users and I for one like having choices.

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Microsoft investors push for Bill Gates to be fired from his role as Chairman of Microsoft

Steve Jobs And Bill GatesA recent report published by Reuters claimed that an un-named group of investors in Microsoft with a combined share hold of 5% are putting pressure on the board in order to have Bill Gates to be effectively “fired” from his role as Chairman.

Something that makes this all the more interesting is that Gates, who owned 49 per cent of Microsoft before it went public in 1986, sells about 80 million Microsoft shares a year under a deal struck many years ago, Which if continued would leave him with no stake in the company by 2018.

In the year 2000 Bill Gates did actually resign as CEO of Microsoft handing the position to Steve Ballmer and then in 2008 he gave up his day-to-day work to focus on the $38 billion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

My opinion?  Well for what it’s worth, I think “Firing” Bill Gates would be the final nail in Microsoft’s coffin. For years now people have been moving away from Microsoft in many different areas of technology in order to utilise other products and services. For example look at the Personal Computing market; many have moved to apple and with the sales figures for windows 8 looking dismal I Think the number of active Microsoft Windows PC’s will continue on its downward plummet.

In today’s market Products and Services are recognised by the People or Company who start them, for instance take Apple again, ask almost anybody you see who on the street who Steve Jobs was and the answer you get will almost always contain something to do with the company Apple.

They won’t say he was a visionary who was before his time and regardless of the company he worked for he would still have revolutionised the market, hell he revolutionised the world.

Bill Gates is the same but he represents Microsoft, most people will know who Bill Gates is and they from that will draw the connection to Microsoft, He is the lifeblood of Microsoft. Maybe not in a Day-to-Day working sense anymore but definitely in the marketing side of things. Without Bill Gates what name will be naturally associated with Microsoft? Steve Ballmer? I think not! When you consider he has been effectively running the company since 2000 and many still haven’t got a clue who he is when you mention his name.

This may sound harsh but the fact of the matter is they need to let bill gates die in his current role within Microsoft because with the Global Mourning for a man much the same as Steve Jobs, a visionary who was before his time, The natural press coverage and public interest in his successor could be the shot of adrenaline Microsoft so desperately needs.

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